Instant Websites

When it comes to selecting the platform that you need for your new venture there are a lot of options available. Some of the most common ones are Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Big Commerce, Neto, Wix, Weebly and GoDaddy Website Builder. Each one offers a unique experience, and some are better than others. Many Entrepreneurs will want a fast solution to get their idea out there, and many many more will want something that works. While some of the above mentioned solutions do indeed offer that, their simplicity and lack of features will lead to trouble not much farther down the track. Our solutions fill those gaps by allowing you to launch in record time on a platform that’s powering 1/3 of the entire web.

Our solution will allow you to launch on one of the most powerful platforms in the world in record time with no tech knowhow needed. The websites will be ready to go. You only have to add your own branding, text and images if you wish, payment gateways and products if an ecommerce store and it will be done!

How quickly is the website delivered?

Typically anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes.

Once you’ve successfully made your purchase by signing up for the free trial a number of processes take place in the background. 

Your hosting account will be provisioned immediately and you’ll receive several emails with details on how to access your new account and other important information.

Every 5 minutes we trigger a process to deploy any websites that have been piurchased. If you purchase a website at 10:23 it will begin to deply your new website at 10:25. If you buy it at 10:25 it will start the process at 10:30. Once the process starts it typically takes between 30 seconds and 3 minutes to fully deploy your website and send you your new login details.

How long does it take to finish up the website?

This depends on the type of website. A non-ecommerce website will only need a handful of changes, such as logo, text and some images if you want to change them. You’ll likely finish this in 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of changes.

An ecommerce website will take longer, and is unavoidable regardless of platform used.

You’ll need to add your payment details so your customers can pay you. We have links and guides for each popular gateway on the welcome dashboard.

You’ll also need to remove the demo products and add your own. We also provide a video showing you how to easilly and quickly add products.

Our wizards and guides will walk you through getting started. All going well you should be able to start selling your first product using PayPal in between 30 minutes to an hour.

What is included and what needs to be finished to launch my new website?

ecommerce website:

Payment gateways

  • afterpay extension
  • Zip extension
  • LayBuy extension
  • Stripe extension
  • Square extension
  • PayPal extension
  • eway extension
  • Humm extension



Bloom opt ins popups


Facebook pixel

Google Analytics



Advanced shipment tracking

Fraudlabs fraud protection


Legal pages generator

Shop setup wizard

Performance cache configures

Contact form configured

Designed homepage

Personalised welcome dashboard

Ultimate Woo Customizer to customise your shop withour needing code

Non-ecommerce sites

As above but without ecommerce features

What needs finishing?

Apply your payment details for each gateway. Paypal needs your paypal email. Stripe or Square have guides and you’ll need an account for each. The remainder will require applying and being accepted to their services. If you can copy and paste, you can do this.

Create and connect Mailchimp. Create a free Mailchimp account and follow their guide to get the keys to connect to mailchimp. This key can be entered into the Mailchimp plugin and Bloom opt in plugin.

Grant Facebook and Google permission and connect your site

Create a free Jetpack account and connect your site

Create a free Fraudlabs Pro account and allow them to analyse your sales

Enter your details into the legal pages generator

Follow the shop setup wizard

Delete demo products and add your own

Bask in glory and money as you begin to save save save and earn earn earn

Will I have to enter code?

No. In fact, we have disabled the code editors to make sure you don’t inadvertently break your website. All plugins currently installed will allow you to do what you need to with a tap or a click.

Do I need technical know how to use it?

Some degree of knowledge using the net will be an advantage. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use and hard to break. Save regularly and don’t hit save if you make a mistake. Simply refrsh the browser to undo the mistakes.

There are thousand of videos on YouTube should you get stuck and millions of articles in Google search results to help you find your way. But the chanes are, you’ll be fine without them.

I've been told WordPress is hard, is it?

No. If coming from a different platform it will feel different and unusual, but the reality is it’s an easy platform to use. My son was using it when he was 7

I want to make changes to the homepage. How hard is it?

We use the Divi Builder on all websites for ease of use. Divi is a visual frontend page builder. What you see is what you get. It’s as simple as drag and drop.

Can I add more plugins?

Yes. You are free to add more plugins as you wish, but there are a few do’s and don’ts. 

Please be aware that if you add a plugin that causes problems we are not responsible for the damage it causes. All plugins are developed by third parties and not all are equal.

We also restrict installing some plugins. This is to preserve the integrity of the system as best we can.

Some resource hogging and performance damagin plugins as well as security risk ones have been blocked. These are generally plugins that use compression or have major security issues. When you try to instal one of these plugins you’ll be greeted with a blocked message. If you try to circumvent it by manually uploading the plugin file the activation button will be missing.

For non-ecommerce websites we have also blocked all ecommerce plugins. Should you need an ecommerce solution you ar free to upgrade and we will manually remove the block to allow the installation of an ecommerce plugin

Can I change themes?

Yes. You can select from the thousands of free themes right within your dashboard and install them in an instant, or you can install a premium theme from an external source such as Theme Forest. You’ll also have access all the themes from Elegant themes and you can download them from your account dashboard. The welcome screen will have the licence details for any theme from Elegant themes

What about updates? I heard you have to run updates all of the time. Will I have to?

No. All updates are handled by us in a central location meaning you have one less thing to worry about

What about security? I heard WordPress gets hacked a lot

We deploy the most stringent security measures available and run daily security and vulnerability scans to secure your website. This is on top of the server side security measures already deployed. Your website will be safe and secure, and you won’t have to lift a finger

What about backups? I heard have to run your own backups

We also take care of your daily backups and store them securely off site in a safe and secure location giving you peace of mind

Is there an app for WordPress and WooCommerce

Yes! There are two apps you’ll want to get. One is simply called WordPress and the other is called WooCommerce, both made by Automattic. The WordPress app will allow you to publish blog posts and pages and check visitor stats at a glance and the WooCommerce app will allow you to view and manage orders. Soon you will be able to manage your products from the WooCommerce app. The WooCommerce app will also send notifications to your phone when an order comes in. Both apps require  free Jetpack account which you can join once in the website (they hide the free option on the pricing page, so look carefully)

In short… It’s fast, simple and works!

We don’t need Ray to sell our products

They sell themselves. If you’re in Australia and have watched any TV in the last forever, you’ll be familiar with the GoDaddy Ray Meagher Website Builder commercials. The ads promote an easy to use website builder developped by GoDaddy that will allow you to launch your website in under an hour. The reality, however, is that you’ll likely be trapped with something that isn’t portable, is extremely restrictive and not feature rich.

As just mentioned, The GoDaddy website builder has many problems, least of which is overall functionality. If you plan on extending it into something that is actually useful, you won’t find that functionality. When you get tired of GoDaddy, which you will, you won’t be able to move the website away. If you are expecting traffic from Google, their builder hasn’t been designed with SEO in mind. For these reasons, and many more, you’ll want to steer clear of this particular offering if you are serious about having a website.

Let’s look at why you do not want to use the GoDaddy website builder

  • It can only be used on GoDaddy
  • It lacks multiple payment gateway support
  • Very small user base
  • Not SEO optimised
  • Lack of extensions
  • Server hosting, despite having an au domain name, is in the USA which makes for slow loading websites
  • GoDaddy typically use older and outdated versions of PHP which means not only security risks, but also even slower loading websites.
  • After the free trial you have to pay for 12 months in advance, and their refund policy simply doesn’t exist.

Weebly and Wix

These two website builders have been around for a while now. While they generally offer an easy to use frontend experience, they simply lack the extensions available on other platforms. They also come at a cost. Wix will set you back between US$17 and US$28 a month. Weebly on the otherhand will set you back between AUD$7 and AUD$55 a month. Both platforms pose an ownership problem. Wix is hosted on their servers and is owned by Wix. Weebly is a commercial product which permits you to self host it on your own hosting account. But due to the commercial nature of Weebly, if they go bust, your website will eventually become compromised with major security flaws, and may simply stop working if it’s unable to connect with a licencing system

Shopify, BigCommerce and Neto

Everyone knows about Shopify. It’s one of the largest online store builders in the world and needs no introduction. BigCommerce is an Aussie innovation and a popular ecommerce platform used by tens of thousands of websites around the world. Neto is a newer platform that was developped in Australia and is extremely powerful. It’s also the most expensive of the lot, so make sure you have very deep pockets when approaching Neto.

While these platforms make launching an online store easier, they come with a considerable risk. Ownership!

If you are serious about a business you really do want to own the online version of it, and these three simply don’t allow that option. Your website will be owned by them (check the T&C’s). If they go bust or deem that you’ve broken one of their policies, your online store, your online presence is gone. You can’t simply pick it up and move somewhere else. They own you.

Magento and WordPress

Magento is similar to WordPress in that you can self host your platform. This gioves you more control over your online business. Magento does offer some hurdles which may frustrate some people.

To begin with it’s a complex system to use, even for advanced users. It’s also a commercial product which is owned by eBay. While having that commercial size behind it is a good thing, you’ll only ever own a licence to use it.

WordPress, on the otherhand, is an open source project. This means it is publicly available. You can distribute and alter it free of charge, forever. It also has more extensions, themes and developers than any other platform today. It is the powerhouse behind some massive brands.

If WordPress is free, why are you paying us? Good question. 

While WordPress is free, many plugins and themes are not. Support for WordPress can also be costly as major problems will require an experienced developer to solve, and those costs can be in the hundreds or thousands. Quality hosting is another requirement. Most budget hosts will have their servers overseas, running on outdated infrastructure and software with very low resources afforded to each website. Once you take all of that into account, the actual cost of a premium theme, hosting and support will end up costing you much more than you ever imagined.

With our service the websites are actually running as we speak. Everything has been done and everything will be managed for you. You don’t have to tinker with code or anything complex. It’s a stable and running environment which includes a premium theme and plugins as part of the package. You already save right there. Plus, it includes the cost of monthly hosting on an enterprise level Litespeed server located in Sydney. Litespeed is generally regarded as the premium server software commercially available.