A little about us.

Like you, we are website owners. We spent years looking and searching for the ideal host, but never found it. We read online reviews, which are invariable misleading with affiliate links promising the world’s best and fastest websites, and recommendations, which were pretty much the same. Each time we would end up signing up for 12 months, 2 years and even once, a 5 year plan for a managed WordPress hosting experience. What did we get for our troubles? Slow websites, abandoned hosting accounts and disappointment. But it lead us here.

After searching for years we decided to take the massive plunge into managing our own server. While it was a massive leap, and huge learning experience, it has been one that we really enjoyed. We have discovered there is an entire world out there of fantastic opportunities that we would never have found on one of the better known hosts.

I started a WordPress blog in late 2012 called Unreal Facts. It wasn’t much, but it gave me something to focus on after work. That website slowly grew month on month. In 2015 I discovered thay my employer was moving to make our team redundant, so I decided to look at opportunities online. I settled for an online store called jollyjohns.com.au

By 2017 traffic for Unreal Facts had grown to 20k visitors a day and revenue for Jolly John’s had grown to $30,000 a month. I needed better hosting.

By late 2017 I was starting to have more and more calls for assistance with WordPress and Woocommerce. I had partly created Swift Designs, but it had been sitting on the back burner for well over a year as my attention was placed on my growing websites and helping other website owners reach new heights in their online journey

In 2018 I moved my websites to a dedicated server and fully opened up my design, hosting and support packages.

Our servers are managed by a 24/7 server management company. they monitor uptime, security and performance.

WordPress support is managed directly by us. Over the 6 years of being online I have managed to learn a great deal about one of the most versatile CMS platforms available.

What makes our hosting so great?

We won’t overcrowd our server. Performance is our primary concern. Unlike most hosting providers who will add hundreds of accounts onto one machine, we won’t. We will limit the number of accounts for optimum performance

We run Litespeed enterprise servers with Litespeed cache. Litespeed is the ultimate webserver technology delivery higher rates of cache than any other system

We utilise a real CDN to speed up every website and help reduce server load.

Our security is industry leading, deploying CFS rules to protect the hosting environment.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL. Make every website secure without the added cost (but you can use your own security certificate too)

Daily backups to a secure off server location ensuring your data is always safe

Why pick us for web design?

We have years of experience, and unlike most, our packages are designed to allow you to get a professional website now for a fraction of the cost.

We have designed dozens of websites and worked on many more

We use only the best premium designs and cleanest code

Your website will shout your brand like never before

We are affordable


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