While we’d love to see everyone use a platform they actually own, such as WordPress, sometimes the simplicity of Shopify outweighs the benefits of more mature self hosted platforms for some people. One of the services we offer clients is DNS hosting for their Shopify store. Here we’ll demonstrate how to configure the DirectAdmin DNS settings for Shopify.

First of all you’ll need to login to the DirectAdmin control panel

Once there click on DNS management. You will see the following page.


Scroll down and enter the following details one at a time.

  1. your-domain.com.       A
  2. www                            A
  3. .                                   CNAME    shops.myshopify.com.
  4. shops.myshopify.com.      CNAME       your-domain.com.

Make sure that you pay particular attention to the periods in the dns settings. You will notice at the end of every URL there is a period. Make sure that it is present in your DNS settings. On line 3 you’ll also notice a period below the www. Make sure there is a period there and nothing else. The finished settings will look something like this below.