Offering local pickup and stopping buyers who are interstate from selecting it is a must if you have a WooCommerce store. As is often the case, many buyers will simply select the cheapest shipping option without paying attention to the actual label. But did you know that you can avoid the problem completely and all without the use of a plugin?

Let’s assume that you have 4 options. Free delivery over $99 or a valid coupon, flat rate of $5, Express flat rate for $10 and local pickup in you local area

1. Go to WooCOmmerce >> settings >> shipping

2. Click on Add shipping zone

3. Give your zone a local name, select the region and postcodes to restrict local pickup to

4. Click add shipping method and enter the local pickup option, followed by the free shipping rate, flat rate and express rate option. You should have four rates like in the below image

5. Go back to shipping zones and click add shipping zone

6. Give the zone a name and select the region as shown in the image below. To keep it simple I’m just using everywhere and Australia. In the example there’s no need to enter a postcode

7. Click Add shipping method and enter free shipping rate, flat rate and the flat rate with express rate fee. Once the second flat rate option is renamed it shold look like the below image

8. Go back to shipping zones and it should look like the below image

It’s important to take note of the order the zones appear in the shipping zone page. The shipping rates will be returned the moment a rate fits a rule. In the image above if someone is in the 2000 postcode in Australia it will offer them free shipping along with the other options. If we were to reverse the order so Everywhere was at the top the local pickup option wouldn’t be made available to the buyer in 2000 as the it would have matched first to that zone. To reorder the zones simply hold down on the three lines and drag into the desired order

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