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Get 5 hours of one on one SEO training to allow you to further improve your skills in SEO. This can be undertaken in one 4 hour block or smaller blocks such as 15 minutes, half hour, 45 minute and 1 hour blocks. This can be conducted over live chat, phone call or face to face provided both of us are close enough for the training.

In the course you will learn about:

  • keyword research
  • Keyword placement
  • Copy structure
  • Tools to use
  • Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin
  • Local SEO
  • How to rank in search results
  • How to get organic backlinks
  • Much more

This includes an SEO audit of your website.

This training does not include hands on work on your individual website and is not an indefinite ongoing training, but you will gain the skills and knowledge to enhance your presence online ging into the future


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