Stand alone website design

What is a stand alone website design and what do I need to know?

A stand alone website design package is designed for those who want to organise their own hosting and just pay one time only. It is ideal for people who may be rebuilding an existing website or already have a paid hosting account they can use. This is a one off up front payment option.

The tabs below will explain the benefit of each option in out configuration option for the stand alone website design option. This way you’ll know what it is you’re getting and get exactly what you order.

What’s included?

The basic configuration includes a premium design template and creation of the most important pages on the website, such as homepage, about and contact us page.In its basic form it will be ideal for a blogger or local business.

All up the website will come with 5 pages unless a single page website has been requested.

Once the website has been completed you’ll get the opportunity to request a revision within the scope of the original design package ordered. 

Option 1. Standard form Terms and privacy policy page

This option will allow us to creat a privacy policy page and a terms and conditions page using our standard form tempate. This is option and can be added later by yourself, but is a standard requirement of websites around the globe.

Option 2. Cache level

A cache is what can make your website load fast. The speed of a website is extremely important to the online world, and a good cache is extremely important in meeting the needs of both website visitors and search engines.

As with most things, no cache is built the same, and some are better than others. If you select the free version your website will run nice and fast, but the upgrade will offer amazing benefits that should not be missed.

Option 3. Add premium slider

Sliders look cool, and can provide a lot of information without wasting space. If you select the premium slider we will include a premium slider on the homepage. If left empty we will use the space for images or other information

Option 4. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP)

As witht he cache, this will increase the speed of your website on mobile devices significantly. It will remove a lot of the code normally associated with desktop browsing and make the mobile up to 10 times faster. If you leave this option out your website will still look amazing and perform extremely well on mobile devices

Option 5. Ecommerce store – includes 2 payment gateways

If you plan to sell physical or digital goods, this is the option for you. We will create an online store for you and set up up to 2 different payment methods. You can start selling in a matter of days

Option 6. Shipping for e-commerce

Physical goods require shipping, and here you have 3 possible options.

  1. Flat rate or free shipping. We will configure the shipping to offer one of these options for you.
  2. Integration with existing carrier such as Australia Post to import rates using their online api in real time
  3. Table Rate shipping. We will create special rates for you based on certain parameters such as destination and item weight and dimensions

Option 7. Additional payment gateways

If you need more than 2 gateways enter the number of additional gateways needed. eg. If you need 4 all up enter 2 here as 2 come as part of the build

Option 8. Add video to product gallery

The image gallery of a website typically only allows you to add images, but if you select this option you’ll be able to add videos from websites such as YouTube to the product gallery

Option 9. Custom checkout page checkbox

Need to let your customers know that you have a handling time and want them to confirm they understand? This option is for you. We will add an extra option for them to have to select to be able to complete their purchase

Option 10. Integrate with ebay

eBay is one of the worlds largest marketplaces, and integrating with the platform will allow you to sell your products from your website on ebay. Your website will be the central location for managing inventory and orders. This is a must for anyone who wants to sell across multiple channels

Option 11. Facebook pixel tracking

Facebook pixel will track Facebook users who are logged in to their Facebook account while they are on your website. It will follow their actions which will allow you to reconnect with them by way of Facebook ads. This is highly recommended for optimum retargeting advertising.

Option 12. Google Analytics tracking

If you want to know more about how your visitors are getting to your website and what they are doing this option is a must. With it you’ll be able to see in great detail what visitors are doing and make adjustments to the website and audience acquisition. 

Option 13. Search Console integration

If you want Google to know that you exist this is a must. With this option you’ll be able to inform Google not only of your website, but also let them know of changes and additions you make along the way.

Option 14. Optimise for search engines

If you are serious about getting traffic from Google, this option is a must. We will optimise the site and pages for better search visibility. We will tell Google and others what they should look at and what they shouldn’t look at.

Option 15. Newsletter marketing

Newsletter marketing can be one of the most effective forms of  marketing available. You will be able to target genuinely interested people with news and deals whenever you desire.

Option 16. Dropship / product feed import integration

If your website will need to be able toimport products or services or any other data from an external source in bulk, this option may interest you. With it you’ll be able to import a range of differernt items from a CSV (spreadsheet) or XML file with ease. This is perfect for dropshippers

Option 17. Booking System

If you plan to make appointments or sell tickets for events, a booking system is a must. Examples of possible uses are a beauty salon which will allow clients to book a time and date with a stylist of their choice and the service they prefer. This can be connected with a payment gateway which will allow you to lock in the appointment immediately. Another possible use would be in ticket sales or holiday letting.

Option 18. Stock images

At this step you have the option to use stock images to sit your website. If you have your own images you can leave this empty, but if you prefer you can select the number of professional stock images that you want to use on the website.

Option 19. Create simple product listings

For a store there are two types of products. Simple and variable. Simple products have only 1 option while variable products have different selectable options.
At this step you can select if you would like us to add some simple products to your new website. Simply select the number you would like us to add and it will be done. (We will require images, descriptions, prices and quantities to complete this task)

Option 20. Create variable products

For a store there are two types of products. Simple and variable. Simple products have only 1 option while variable products have different selectable options.
At this step you can select if you would like us to add some variable products to your new website. Simply select the number you would like us to add and it will be done. (We will require images, descriptions, prices and quantities to complete this task)

Option 21. Custom fonts

On your website you have the option to select the font family to use throughout. 

Option one uses a standard web font. These are basic and are the most common.

Option 2 is to use Google fonts. These offer a level of difference and style that can spice up your website.

Option 3 is the use of custom designed fonts. These can be very expensive, sometimes costing over $1,000. Unless absolutely necessary try to avoid this font type.

Option 22. Additional ongoing support

As this is a stand alone design package support once the work has been accepted as complete will be at additional cost. To avoid any unnecessary overheads, delays and possible frustration you can select ongoing support here. The terms are for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months respective.

Option 23. Add additional pages

Add additional pages. If you require more pages than are included in the design package you can set it here. Perhaps you would like a page for a gallery, an information page or a page where you list supported charities? If so simply select the number of additional pages here. eg. If you require a total of 7 pages all up enter 2 in this field

Option 24. Additional revisions

If you believe that you may need more than one revision you can add aditional revision requests here