Support terms and conditions


  • Backups – Twice a day
  • Security scanning
  • Install & configure plugins
  • Install & configure themes
  • Configure shipping rates
  • Configure other settings
  • Security hardening
  • Reactive support
  • Database maintenance
  • Spam comment removal
  • Spam comment prevention
  • Admin nag removal and suppression
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Pagespeed insights
  • Speed optimisation (limitations apply if hosted elsewhere or you wish to use slow plugins)
  • Advanced security
  • Hack cleaning
  • Up to 8 hours support/month or 12 tickets, whichever occurs first. (Use wisely as time can fly fast when working on a seemingly simple task)
  • Monthly reports

Bonuses if hosted with Swift Designs

  • 1 additional CPU core – boosted performance
  • 1 GB additional ram – boosted performance
  • 5 GB additional hosting space
  • Off server staging site with WP Stagecoach. Merge changes without loss

Operating Hours

Support hours are from Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm NSW time. These hours exclude public holidays, sick leave and annual leave. Annual leave is often taken over Christmas and new year and around June/July.

Terms and Conditions

  • Maximum of 8 hours support a month or 12 tickets
  • Support times will begin at the beginning of every month and end at the end of the month unless they have been exceeded
  • Hours and tickets can not roll over to the following month and cannot be banked
  • Once the support hours or tickets have been exceeded all support for the remainder of the calendar month will cease. You may be given an option to pay the hourly rate which is currently $200/h billed every 15 minutes with a minimum fee of $100.
  • Response times are as follows and form part of the SLA. Our working days are defined above. If a ticket is assigned the incorrect priority we reserve the right to change it
    • Low priority ticket: 3 working days
    • Medium priority tickets: 1.5 working day
    • High priority ticket: 3 hours
  • All support queries must go through the ticket system. This is so we can monitor hours and ticket numbers more efficiently.
  • Tickets lodged directly though email will be assigned a low priority
  • You can only select a ticket priority for certain problems. All others will be assigned a low priority
  • Phone calls, emails and tickets all count towards the monthly quota.
  • After-hours work for tickets which are not high priority will be charged at $200/h regardless of you have support hours remaining
  • Redesigns/rebuilds are prohibited as part of this plan
  • If our recommendations are not adopted, especially with speed enhancements, we are not responsible for the outcome. All times lodged will remain
  • Some problems we will not be able to solve as many may be theme or plugin related. We will try our hardest, but if we are unable to resolve the problem the hours¬† spent will remain
  • Late payment fees will apply for accounts over 5 days past due at a rate of 10%
  • If support has been performed and an account has been unpaid we reserve the right to suspend support and hosting attached to it until the account is up to date
  • We reserve the right to suspend support plans for overdue payments and any other reason we deem reasonable
  • We reserve the right to refuse service