Select an SEO package

  • Basic SEO

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  • Break Out SEO

    • This full SEO service is designed for those who are time poor and unable to perform the tasks of SEO themselves.

      In this service we will help your website rank in search engines. This is an ongoing monthly commitment. Results will not be instant, but they will be longterm.

      We will alter titles, urls, meta tags and better help Google understand your business.

      Things you must know

      SEO is a long-term commitment. Unlike dropping a link on a social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Reddit where you get instant traffic, you will not see the results for weeks to months. There are several reasons for this, but there are no safe shortcuts. However, unlike dropping a link to a social network once you start ranking and receiving traffic it will be ongoing and you will get more traffic from SEO than any other medium. It will also be highly targeted resulting in more sales and meaningful interactions.

      We will submit your site to the major search engines.

      We will analyse content and backlinks.

      We will create redirects and canonical url structures as well as further optimise your website for better search results

      We will change the titles and body of your text as well as the URL structure. Depending on the platform that you use we will also go about improving speed and mobile compatibility.

      We will create new content in the form of blog posts and create a blog if one doesn’t yet exist. We may need to contact you at varying times for information about your product or service to present a better understanding for better rankings.

      We will not partake in any blackhat or grayhat SEO techniques

      We will not guarantee page one results. The only ones who can do that are search engines. We will promise to use the best practices to start ranking your site in the search results

      This service will be completely hands on manual work and as previously mentioned, rankings may take months to notice, but they will happen.

      We may suggest changes to your website design, layout and navigation to further benefit SEO. You may undertake these changes yourself, seek help from a web designer, or ask us for a quote.
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  • Ultimate SEO Package

    • This is our top-level SEO package and will deliver the best long-term results for those too busy to handle SEO themselves.

      As your business grows your visibility online should also grow. But as time goes by ranking well on Google is getting harder and harder. This is simply because of more and more businesses entering the online world.

      Through proven techniques, we will undertake the best SEO practices to offer you the best possible results online. Oner time you’ll begin to see a gradual increase in organic search traffic which will continue to grow.
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  • Lean how to DIY SEO

    • Learn how to do your own SEO.
      With this service, you'll get up to 2 hours of hands-on learning every month to master your SEO so that you can take your search results to the next level
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