Bring Your Dream To Life

For the price of a drive-through meal

Do you have a dream for a new website but aren’t quite sure where to start? With so many options out there it can be confusing. But, it doesn’t have to be. Now you can get a new website for the price of a drive-through meal for two.


Get Your Website

What’s on offer?

an easy to use, high converting, affordable ecommerce website for only $20

Website Designs

A beautifully designed websites that are functional and high converting. Save time searching for and installing plugins

is this legitimate?

Yes, but it does come with conditions. See the bottom of the page for more details

how many Website Designs are available

At this point in time there are only 6 available, but you can change the theme in a few clicks.

can i use my own Branding & Logo

Certainly. Simply use your own domain name and add your own logo, terms and conditions and any other branding you need

Do i need hosting

Yes. These websites do not include hosting. You may use our hosting options or another hosts. The website will work on any host

Website Development

The websites have been developped to include the most common WooCommerce plugins to make it easier to use and better to convert

Do I need a domain name

Yes, you will need a domain name. You can purchase a domain name through us or another provider

Is it hard to use

For beginners or people moving from a new platform, it can be difficult to learn something new, but it isn’t hard. Give yourself time and you will master it. You didn’t learn to talk in a day, you won’t learn a new platform in a day.

We have included our own plugin that adds a LEARN menu item near the top of the menu. In this menu item you will find around 50 how to videos on a range of subjects

Additionally, you may want to visit our blog to learn how to use all features on your website in easy to follow guides. Our blog is Learn WP

Do i get support

These websites come without any support included. If you decide to purchase hosting from us we do offer hosting support options. Additionally, you may wish to opt in to our WordPress support packages where we take care of your website and offer hands on support

Alternatively, you may wish to consider one of our instant website packages . Instant websites

can i get a refund

Once you have downloaded the file we’re unable to offer any refunds

The purchase Process

Select a design

Select the design you wish to use from our 6 different templates

Select hosting

Pick a hosting package if you don’t have one already


Pay for the design. We accept PayPal, credit card and Go Cardless


Upload the website to your hosting. If you host with us it’s automatic

Ready to Make Your Idea Come to Life?

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About Me

Hello! I’m John. I’ve Been Building Websites for 9 Years

I started building websites 9 years ago with simple What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors. I quickly migrated to WordPress and fell in love with what it offered. Within months I was learning and playing with CSS and HTML.

I now actively develop and maintain websites and develop plugins with several in the WordPress plugin repository.

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • SEO & Social

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects

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About this offer – terms and conditions

  1. These websites do not include hosting. They are a downloadable WordPress file that you can use to import the content into a new installation of WordPress. We do offer quality Australian hosting at reasonable rates, but you can host the website anywhere.
  2. These websites do not include support. If you require support for WordPress we offer support packages under the WP Support menu tab. We can offer support only for uploading the website to the host of your choice.
  3. No refunds once a file has been downloaded. As these websites are virtual products once they have been downloaded we can no longer offer a refund
  4. These websites do not include any premium themes or plugins. If you wish to have an instant website that includes premium themes and plugins please see our Instant Website options
  5. Problems with the theme, plugins or hosting must be directed to the relevant author or hosting company support. We are not responsible for ongoing website functionality or security.

What plugins are included?

Each website will include the following plugins

  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor
  • Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce
  • Booster for WooCommerce
  • Essential Addons for Elementor
  • Facebook for WooCommerce
  • Mailchimp
  • Jetpack by
  • PPOM (Personalized Product Meta Manager)
  • Site Kit by Google
  • WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery
  • WPForms Lite
  • Yoast SEO
  • Wordfence security
  • Multiple payment gateway plugins
  • and more…

The selection of plugins installed will help you get started on your journey. You may add more or remove existing plugins and themes as you see fit. The choice is yours