Support & Maintenance



  • Backups – Twice a day
  • Security scanning
  • Install & configure plugins
  • Install & configure themes
  • Configure shipping rates
  • Configure other settings
  • Security hardening
  • Reactive support
  • Database maintenance
  • Spam comment removal
  • Spam comment prevention
  • Admin nag removal and suppression
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Pagespeed insights
  • Speed optimisation (limitations apply if hosted elsewhere or you wish to use slow plugins)
  • Advanced security
  • Hack cleaning
  • Up to 8 hours support/month or 12 tickets, whichever occurs first. (Use wisely as time can fly fast when working on a seemingly simple task)
  • Monthly reports

Bonuses if hosted with Swift Designs

  • 1 additional CPU core – boosted performance
  • 1 GB additional ram – boosted performance
  • 5 GB additional hosting space

Note: Server management is not included in the support packages if you are self-hosted on a VPS, dedicated server or cloud platform.

Please select where your website is hosted:

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Why is there a difference in support pricing?

When a website is hosted with Swift Designs the amount of work required by Swift Designs to maintain the website is reduced, plus certain hosts make managing some features difficult. To adjust for the added difficulties, there is an additional monthly fee attached to non-hosted maintenance packages. Please note, if you select hosted but are not hosted, the transaction will be refunded immediately and you will be prevented from signing up for future support or maintenance plans. You can however, move to Swift Designs for a non-refundable 12 month plan at time of signing up

Minimum 3 month contract for all maintenance plans