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Over 100,000 websites get hacked every day. Take steps to ensure your website isn’t one of them

Maintenance Plan


  • Backups – Twice a day
  • Security scanning
  • Install & configure plugins
  • Install & configure themes
  • Configure shipping rates
  • Configure other settings
  • Security hardening
  • Reactive support
  • Database maintenance
  • Spam comment removal
  • Spam comment prevention
  • Admin nag removal and suppression
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Pagespeed insights
  • Speed optimisation (limitations apply if hosted elsewhere or you wish to use slow plugins)
  • Advanced security
  • Hack cleaning
  • Up to 8 hours support/month or 12 tickets, whichever occurs first. (Use wisely as time can fly fast when working on a seemingly simple task)
  • Monthly reports

Bonuses if hosted with Swift Designs

  • 1 additional CPU core – boosted performance
  • 1 GB additional ram – boosted performance
  • 5 GB additional hosting space
  • Off server staging site with WP Stagecoach. Merge changes without loss


3 month minimum


Coming soon

Legacy support plans

These plans are closed and no longer open to subscriptions

 Plugin UpdatesEvery Day SupportIntensive SupportUltimate Support
Themes/plugin updates (info)Swift Designs will remotely update your themes and plugins. A plugin will be installed for this to happen and must be active at all times. Firewalls must permit out remote access
Backups (more info)Secure off site backups (more info)Once a day (more info)Every 12 hours (more info)Every 6 hours (more info)Real time
Security scanning (more info)Daily security scanning for vulnerabilities and malware
Shipping rates (more info)Assist in configuring shipping
Install Plugins (more info)Swift Designs can install free and premium (you buy) plugins for you
Install themes (more info)We can install free and premium (you must buy) themes for you
Configure Plugins (more info)Need to configure a new plugin but don't know how to do it? Swift Designs can do it for you
Other settings (more info)General help with troubleshooting problems, configuring settings and problem solving. Examples include adding pixel code, mailchimp integration and payment gateways
Configure themes (more info)Adding a new theme? Allow Swift Designs to set it up for you. Note: Not to be used for redesigns
Security hardening (more info)Secure your website from unwanted and business damaging hackers ($450 value)
Reactive support (more info)Reactive support means we react to support requests as you need them
Database maintenance
Spam comment removal
Spam comment prevention
Spam contact form prevention
Clean dashboard (more info)We will remove the constant nags and advertising giving you a clean dashboard
Uptime monitoring
Pagespeed insights
Proactive support (more info)We try to prevent issues from occurring through malware prevention and staging site plugin testing
Speed Optimisation (more info)If your website is running slow you can get us to make it run as fast as possible ($250 value)
Advanced security (more info)Heightened security techniques. Secure your website from unwanted and business damaging hackers ($450 value)
Hack clean (more info)If your website is hacked we can clean it for you ($480 value)
Website redesign (more info)Redesign an existing website (looks and functionality). Contact us for a quote
Amount of support (more info)The amount of support provided each month. This is hourly based or ticket (email, chat session) based and up to the limit of whichever occurs first. eg. If you open 1 ticket and it takes 2 hours to resolve, your support hours for the month will be consumed.
No Support
Up to 3 hours
Or 10 tickets
Whichever occurs first
Up to 6 hours
Or 20 tickets
Whichever occurs first
Up to 12 hours
Or 40 tickets
Whichever occurs first
Up to 30 hours
Or 90 tickets
Whichever occurs first
SLA (more info)Service Level Agreement. This is how quickly we will respond to support tickets. Note: We do not work weekends or Fridays
No Support
Within 3 Business DaysWithin 2 Business DaysWithin 1 Business DayWithin 6 Hours
Detailed monthly reports
Monthly price (more info)The monthly price each month for support Please note prices and hours are increasing from January 1, 2020. See below$40$99$149$249$500


Why Use Swift Designs for support?

We know how WordPress and WooCommerce works, and what makes WordPress tick!

With nearly 10 years of experience with WordPress dating back to version 3.3, Swift Designs has a wealth of experience with not only WordPress, but also the programming languages that run it. 

We know line code. Competent in multiple programming languages that run WordPress (PHP, JQuery, HTML and CSS) as well as MySQL/MariaDB Database operations, we possess the knowledge and skills necessary to not only install plugins, but also create them. Don’t fall victim to someone who claims to know WordPress without knowing the code behind it! Our fundamental understanding of the WordPress system is second to none.

While the average developer can build a website that looks and functions well, when things go wrong many of them come here for help. There’s no more reliable measure of quality than for peers and competitors to seek our help when it is beyond their skill.

Why pay for support? Isn’t WordPress free?

WordPress is a free open source platform that anyone can use and modify to their needs, that’s one of the greatest things about it. But it’s still based on coding, and cod is called code for a reason. We have invested years of learning and experience into understanding the multiple languages and skills required to become intimate with the CMS. These skills are skills that not all developers possesses. Many of our existing, longterm clients have found us after a myriad of other developers have been unable to assist.

Aside from possessing the skills required to meet your needs, allowing us to handle the time consuming tasks allows you more time to grow your business and sales. Leaving the tasks to us that may take you hours, days or weeks to complete gives you more productive hours in which to earn money

What are the benefits of WordPress support?

Time is money, and wasted time is wasted money. Every minute you spend trying to battle your way through a plugin setup, bug fix or something more siniater is time that you could have spent on marketing and earning money.  Not only that, but the 2 hours you spend trying to figure something out might only take us 15 minutes, meaning less downtime and more revenue for you.

Do I still need support even if I’m hosted with you?

Hosting and website support are two very different things. Think of hosting as renting office space. We will provide you what you need to run your business, but the way you run your business and what you place in your office is up to you. Website support could be considered to be like a photocopier repairer or consultant.

If something goes wrong with the hosting we’re generally around to fix it at quickly as possible. A good way to determine if there’s a problem with the hosting is to visit our website. If it fails to load there’s a hosting problem. If it loads fine but your website is experiencing problems, your website (photocopier) has broken, and you need an expert to fix it. That’s where WordPress support comes into it’s own.

What does support cost?

The average cost per site for backups, security and enhancements is around $40/m which does not include time spent on each website

How many hours does the average client request per month?

After several years we’ve found that the average client requests around 10 hours of support a month. Some clients request 3 or more hours a day, many of which are more suited to a virtual assistant, and some only request 1 hour a fortnight. The average across the board is around 10 hours a month. So our average rate of pay after costs but before tax is around $14/h.

What do other agencies charge for support?

We know that the pricing can be a concern for some, but when compared to other websites around the world, they’re amongst the lowest you will find.

WP Tangarine

Wp Tangarine prices begin at US$147 / month and go up from there


RipplePop prices begin at US$499 /  month and go up from there


Do you need support or a virtual assistant (VA)

This is a question many don’t ask, but it is an important one to ask. The answer for many people is both. If you find that you are too busy to perform editing tasks then you need a virtual assistant. If you are struggling with technical aspects then you need a maintenance package.

When selecting what you need and where to ask for help consider the nature of the request. Does it require technical change or more of an assistant? An example may be making a change to a site with an image. This would fall under a virtual assistant as most pages consist of a visual component. If you need a technical plugin or theme configured it may be support, but not always. An example is with entering postage rates. This task may not be complicated or technical and more suited to a virtual assistant.

Other Support Options

Only in need of one off support? We’ve got you covererd.

Purchase an hourly support package, currently $200/h billed in 5 minute increments. Purchase it here:

Security protection

Allow Swift Designs to secure your website and protect you and your website visitors from vicious and business damaging hacking events.

Prices per site $450.00

Hacking Clean Up

If you’ve already been hacked, this is the service for you. Get your website professionally cleaned and have measures taken to protect a future hacking. Please note, that unless you follow all of our instructions there is no guarantee that you will not be hacked again 

Price $480 per site

Yoast Configuration

With this package, the Yoast SEO plugin will be optimally configured for so that you can begin to rank on Google.
We will install and configure the Yoast SEO plugin so that it only tells Google and other search engines about the important pages on your site. By correctly setting up Yoast you’ll avoid duplicate content and thin content problems, problems which can present a major disadvantage to your SEO objectives.
We will also create a professional robots.txt for search engines to make sure they only crawl the visible pages while also stopping the bad robots from accessing your site (this is not a security solution and only prevents crawlers such as Ask from accessing your site). You will be required to create an account at Google Search Console for optimal results. We can assist you with this.

Prices per site $49.00

Speed Up Your Site

As the internet is maturing speed has become an important factor. In fact, having a slow website can be a detriment to your rankings with the major search engines such as Google. This package will help you beat that.
In this package we will optimise your WordPress website to make it load faster.
Either premium WP-Rocket or Swift Performance plugin
Setting up and optimising the site
Implementing Gzip compression (if available on the server) for faster page transfer
Minifying HTML, scripts and styles
Defer loading of Javascript
Creating a crawler to dynamically cache static html pages
Optimise images for the web
If required we may suggest disabling some plugins for faster website loading
Your site will be performing swiftly, like a rocket in no time

Price $249 per site

Add AMP Support

Speed is everything, and even if your website is mobile friendly and optimised for speed, it won’t be enough going forward. You need to take the next step, and the next step is Accellerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
What is AMP?
AMP is a Google project designed to deliver exactly what the project name implies. To deliver accelerated mobile pages. It does this be removing much of the bloat that most websites have for their desktop version. The result. A page that is typically a mere 10% of the normal desktop size. So you can imagine. A page that’s only 10% of the normal size must mean that it’s 10 times faster, and that is true also.
So imagine you have a desktop site that loads in 2 seconds. On a mobile it can take as much as 8 to 10 seconds to load. By adding AMP that mobile site will load in less than a second. But it gets better. Google also notice the speed improvement and will add a symbol beside your site signifying that it’s AMP compliant. They also cache the AMP pages so they open instantly on a mobile browser.

Prices per site


Website Migration

Need to move your website between hosts but don’t know how it’s done? Let us take care of the move for you.
We will move your site to any host of your choosing. Simple let us know who it is, your old website host and url and new host, login details and we will move it at a time that’s convenient to you.

Price $50 per site

Please note:

Prices and conditions are subject to change.

Changes in price will be given 1 month notice prior to any increases (pre-announced price increase from January 1, 2020 across all packages)

Support packages are not to be used for website builds or redesigns

Support hours are 9 – 5 Monday to Thursday NSW time unless an emergency (if it’s not an emergency we will put it off until business hours)

More information about our T&C’s can be found in our T&C page