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Is the hosting up?

View the status of the hosting below

Responded = Yes, the hosting is up for that server.

Timeout = No, the hosting is down!


If the servers are online and your website is down is it displaying any of the below messages?

Unable to connect to ( – You may be blocked by the firewall. Please open a ticket and include your IP address in the description. To find your IP address go to google and search what is my IP address and Google will show you

There has been a critical error on ( – This indicates an error with your website specifically and not a hosting related problem. If you are a hosting only client please read the email your website sent you to find the cause and fix it. We offer assistance to support clients for these errors (you must be on the maintenance plan for hep help)

Internal server error – This is the same as a critical error on your website and caused by the same errors and is not hosting related

See more definitions below

Codes in the range of 3XX indicate that a page has been redirected. These are fine to have but may result in slower response times

Errors in the range of 4XX indicate errors with the content on your website. The most common are not found (404) and forbidden (403). These are errors that originate from your website

Errors in the range 5XX typically relate to how the server interprets the scripts on the website. They can be triggered by errors in the code, poor code, long-running scripts and too much traffic for the plan that you are on. The most common causes are poor scripts (plugins) and too many scripts (too many plugins) and are often associated with too much traffic for the plan you are on. Common plugins which can trigger 5XX errors are backup plugins and security plugins.