Like many hosts we also offer an affiliate referral system.

What is an affiliate system

An affiliate system allows you to earn money from referring new customers to us. For every successful payment we receive you will earn a commission payment.

How much can I earn

Affiliate commissions are 10% of the sale price for all products and services except for the website design plans which have a commission of $25 each.

Earnings are practically limitless. The more referrals you send who sign up, the more you can earn. Send 100 new Mid Lightening Plan hosting clients our way at $25/m and you will be earning $250/m. Refer 2 basic support clients and you will earn $16/m for every month they are active.

Which products or services are included

All products and services are included. As mentioned above, some products vary in commission amount.

  • Website design – $25 per sale
  • All other products – 10% of the price

Get 10 people signing up for the same hosting plan you’re on and get free hosting

When do I get paid

There is a minimum payout of $25 a month. Commissions are held for 10 days to make sure there are no charge backs or refunds. After 10 days the commission is added to your earning totals.

Payments are made in the second week of every month.

How can I get paid

Payments for earnings can be paid into your paypal account or credited to your hosting or support account balance. This can then be used to pay for hosting or other services.

How do I join

Joining is simple. Simply sign up for a service and in your account area is an affiliate menu link. Tap on the affiliate link and click the activate affiliate button.

How do I earn

There are multiple ways

  1. Sharing your unique code. Simply copy your unique code and share it with friends, family and anyone really. Use the link on your website or social networks to send people our way.
  2. Use a banner ad. In you affiliate area you will find assets down the page These assets provide a bit of code that you can use to place an ad on your website in any position you like.
  3. Use a link. On the same page you can copy an affiliate link using the text based words.
What if I don't use the unique link

Without the unique link we have no way of tracking your referrals, so it’s important to use the unique link or you won’t earn any commissions

What if my referral signs up for a free trial

For the free trial you will not earn any commissions, but on renewal and first payment you will begin to earn commissions

How soon does someone need to sign up after clicking the affiliate link

There’s a 30 day cookie stored for affiliate referrals. This means that if someone clicks your link and doesn’t make a purchase straight away you still have 30 days in which their visit will be considered a referral. After 30 days has passed they must click a new affiliate link to be considered a referral.

If the user clears their browser cookies or has cookies disabled no referral will be earned.

Can I give myself an affiliate link to sign up for a new product

No. This is considered fraudulent behaviour and will result in the commission being revoked and may also result in both accounts being suspended without warning